Once Upon a Time…

Hebridean ReaderThere was a woman named Laura and she was a lifelong book addict. From the time she was little she read multiple books at a time: one in every room and one for on the move. She read her favourites over and over again, and grieved finishing books for days after closing the cover. Her nose was always in a book and it helped her weather life’s obstacles over and over again. One day she realised that she wanted to share her love for stories with other people who loved stories. But she couldn’t afford to open a bookshop because the lottery gods refused to smile on her so she took her, frankly awesome, name for a bookshop and made a book blog instead. Then one day, you found her blog and this made her smile, because you like books too and that means you are Good People. Welcome to the Book Attic. There are a huge number of book blogs out there, and most of them are exceptional, so thank you for taking some time to reading this one.

I’m (Yes I’m dropping the third person, cause frankly I’d be an arsehole if I kept that up) planning on covering everything book related here: from reviews to my foray into the world of book clubs; from book lists to book related products, and as I love film it may even cover book adaptations – we’ll see how we get on!

My knowledge of the publishing industry is limited, and I have no burning ambitions to be an author. I will try reading absolutely anything, and I tend to err on the side of optimism – things need to be bad before I walk away. Really bad. So reviews will generally find the positive and give the benefit of the doubt.

My reading loves are Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou and Matt Haig, which should give you a little understanding of the hodge podge of literary taste you are now engaging with, but I will warm to anything that has a sense of humour or a single likeable character. Seriously, there just needs to be one. There are a surprising number of books that can’t manage this.

I live in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, which is a dream for a reader. In the summer there are stunning vistas and suntraps for outdoor reading and in winter there are forceful gales which make hunkering down with a good book feel like a luxurious pleasure, but access to books is limited. I also have two young sons, and I like to use them as an excuse to read kid’s books, although let’s be honest: mostly I read kid’s books because they have some of the best stories!

Please stick around and talk to me about books whenever you can and I will try and create some interesting content for you about the life of a Hebridean Reader.

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